Thank you from your winner – Thomas!

Hallo everyone!

thomasfarrugiaBig thanks for keeping me in the running till the end – I thoroughly enjoyed the event and went in with a “let’s see how far we get” attitude, so was quite surprised (and chuffed!) when students started saying “Yep I’m voting for you!” and got me through – you don’t get to be in that position very often, which led to me getting quite excited and a tad bit nervous by 3 pm on the Friday !

The weeks during the event were a bit of a learning process for me as well, thanks to your questions, which got me thinking on all fronts – from how to describe my research, and why I actually carry it out, to appreciating why the sea is blue and coming up with a “hand-shaking and waving” analogy for pi and sigma bonding during a quiet evening – definitely a blast all in all.

A big cheers to all of you for showing a genuine interest in my research and also asked the other non-everyday questions, both via ASK and the online chats, which showed that you were thinking about the people who are behind the science – it’s all too often that we think of scientific discoveries being made by “The Scientists”, who live in little labs and wear white (or blue) labcoats all day. After all, in the near future it is you that get to choose which direction the research we do (and our day to-day work) takes – be it by voting for governments and their proposed science policies, by running governments and drawing up those proposed science policies, or by being researchers and having to work within the frameworks of those science policies. Not necessarily the last two, but definitely the first – so always be willing to ask questions of everyone, just as you did of me during the past two weeks!

I’d also like give a big shout out to Arthur, Rose, Ruhina and Anne, my fellow Zone members whom I  came across during chats and also gave brill answers – it’s great to see other people’s take of science, especially when they’re carrying out research different to yours!

An event like this isn’t possible without a lot of people working behind the scenes – so big cheers to the modteam, who kept all the conversations smooth and flowing, and the organizers that put everything together and kept us in the loop via e-mail and chat.

Right, time to fire up the research burners and get the proteins ticking over once more, so big cheers to all once again and I wish you the best of luck with your lives – do the things you enjoy doing!



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